Friday, April 18, 2014

2014 Better Hearing and Speech Month Flyer

As most of you probably know, Better Hearing and Speech Month is rapidly approaching! Last year, I created a flyer to distribute to teachers regarding classroom acoustics.  It received a lot of attention on pinterest, so I wanted to update the flyer with this years logo (not as cool as last years if you ask me). The logo and information were obtained from ASHA's webiste.

Grab your flyer here!

What are you doing to promote Better Hearing and Speech Month?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

iName It {App Review & Giveaway}

iName It ($14.99), an app by Smarty Ears was designed for those with word finding deficits. Although it was designed with adults in mind, iName It can also be used with children. 

Ten items are targeted across five rooms. The rooms are: bathroom, bedroom, garage, kitchen, and living room (all seen below).

iName It targets five rooms typically found in a home

After you select a user (seen below), you can select the scene you want to work with.

Users can use their own photo or select an avatar

A tray of ten items will be located on the bottom of the screen. Users locate the item in the scene by clicking on it. For those that need a little more support, the scene can be changed to black and white. Only the ten images will be highlighted (indicated below).

When the correct image is selected, users can press the green check. Afterwards, you will see the item checked off on the tray located on the bottom of the screen (seen below).

Users can keep track of correctly selected items

If responses are incorrect, users can select the blue button (located near the green check) for cues. The cues include: the first two letters of the image, written description of the item, phrase completion,  auditory presentation of the first syllable of the word, and finally the whole word.

Example of the written description cue

What I liked:
  • Each scene is realistically depicted
  • Several types of cues are available for those that need assistance with retrieving the name of items
  • Performance can be tracked
  • Date on performance can be shared 
  • The app can also be used for those who speak Spanish or Portuguese
iName It is rather straightforward. I can't think of anything I didn't like!

To see iName It in action take a look at the video below:

introduction to iName it for iPad: An app for individuals with Aphasia from Smarty Ears on Vimeo.

For a chance to win a code of iName It enter below. The giveaway ends Friday, April 18th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Disclosure Statement: I was provided a copy of this app by the developer. No other compensation was provided. This review includes solely my opinions.

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