Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello World!!

Hi, this is Ms. Sohan sending out a warm hello to those interested in finding creative and motivational ways to engage their middle schoolers. Check back for ideas and resources on how to strengthen and reinforce your child's learning.

For now, I will be posting a few times per week. My posts will range from a quick post sharing an interesting link to a lengthy discussion on Common Core Standards. I hope this blog can be of help to teachers, SLP's and parents.  

In an effort to add a tad bit of structure to this blog, I have decided to establish a "Resource of The Week".  Once a week I will be posting a link to  a "Ms. Sohan Approved" resource that I hope all of you will find helpful.

I'll sign off by leaving you with a link to reading comprehension strategies. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned!


  1. Hi! I love the blog, very interesting! You have some really great/informative posts which are extremely helpful to educators. Keep the posts coming!

  2. Good job keep up the good work i am so proud of you.


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