Monday, October 8, 2012

Language Builder {Review}

I had a great time reviewing Language Builder.  Rightfully so, as they were voted 3rd Best Educational app of 2011 by Language Builder is a great app for children who need a fun and interactive way to address their receptive and expressive language skills. Real life pictures are used to stimulate production of a specific sentences. 

Users formulate and record a sentence based on a variety of pictures.  Users have the option to replay and rerecord the sentence as many times as they like.  Once happy with their sentence, users are able to save their recorded sentence and even email the photo and recording to friends and family.  Multiple user profiles can be created with Language Builder. Players are also able to switch back and forth between users.

For those who need some prompting, Language Builder offers three levels of hints.
  • At level 1, users are presented with a sentence on the screen with two blanks that they need to fill in.
  • At level 2 hint provides the user with a prompt such as "The girl..." and the student needs to formulate the remainder of the sentence
  • At level 3, an audio clip is played that encourages players to use one or two key words in their sentence.
Level 1 hint where user is prompted to fill-in the blank.
There are a variety of themed photo modules preloaded onto this App.  Modules include themes related to pets, sports, school, places etc.

Home-screen where preferences can be selected.
Saved sentences are able to be accessed through the archive page. While on this page you are able to play, delete or share the sentence. If you decide to share it you can email the audio file and the image.

Saved sentences can be accessed via the archive.
An array of grammatical structures (pronouns, verb tenses, plurals, etc.) and language concepts (complex sentences, prepositions, synonyms, etc.) are targeted by this app.  Language Builder can also be used to work on sentence recall for those with auditory processing impairments.

Language Builder is a wonderful engaging app that my middle schoolers can greatly benefit from. I appreciate that its latest update includes all the modules (was available for purchase at $1.99 previously), providing users with over 200 images for only $9.99! Overall, this is a great app and well worth the price.

App Compatability:
Language Builder is compatible with the iPad and requires iOS 4.1 or later.

Disclosure Statement: I was provided a copy of this app by the developer. No other compensation was provided. This review includes solely my opinions. 

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