Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 - A Year in Review

As we are only a few hours away from 2013, I can't help but reflect on the bounties that have been bestowed upon me in 2012. I began the year with a bang, as I became engaged on New Years Eve 2011. I knew 2012 would be filled with positivity and boy was I right!

In June, after much thought, I decided to bite the bullet and began Let's Talk Speech and Language. Shortly afterwards, I joined the Twitter and Facebook universe. Boy was that a great idea! Through social mingling, I have been able to connect with other SLP bloggers, parents, students, clinicians, you name it! Not only has blogging provided me with an outlet to share resources on my home site and as a guest blogger, it has also introduced me to many new resources I wouldn't have found otherwise.

Aside from blogging, I became a health insurance and Medicaid provider. I even went on to begin treating my very first client!

Organization was definitely the theme this year, as I was able to reserve dates for my upcoming nuptials (in lovely St. Lucia) as well as develop a wedding website (almost done). Additionally, 2012 was the year I became more financially organized. I finally set up a retirement account (Roth IRA) and have improved my budgeting abilities with the help of the wonderful!

I look back on 2012 with pride, and look forward to 2013 with eagerness. Have a wonderful New Year!

What were some of your personal/professional accomplishments in 2012?

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