Thursday, May 23, 2013

Multiple Meanings Library {App Review}

With vocabulary being such a weakness with my students, I jumped at the opportunity to review Multiple Meanings Library.

Multiple Meanings Library ($12.99) allows you to target a variety of word meanings through 5 different settings: (1) Auditory Bombardment, (2) Picture Identification, (3) Definition, (4) Fill In and (5) Make Up Sentences.  The library contains 100+ multiple meaning words.

Menu Screen: Select Setting and Choose Words
The Auditory Bombardment setting allows users to hear and see the target words with a picture example of both meanings (see below).

Auditory Bombardment Setting
After being auditorily presented with a sentence, users are prompted to select the appropriate picture that corresponds the sentence when using the Picture Identification mode (see below).

Picture Identification Setting
The Definition setting provides users with the definition (visually and auditorily) of a target word. Users are provided with three options (see below).

Definition Setting: Users can keep track of their progress as they work
The Fill In setting prompts users to select one of three words to complete the sentence (see below).

Fill In Setting
Lastly, the Make up Sentences setting requires users to create recordable sentences using target multiple meaning words (see below).

Make Up Sentences Setting

A session report is provided as a means of keeping track of progress. These reports can also be emailed to teachers, parents, therapists, etc.

Session Report
Multiple Meanings Library has served to drive home the concept of words having more than one definition to many of my students.  The visual and auditory supports greatly help to reinforce various word meanings.

Things I liked:

  • This app is easy to navigate
  • The ability to track and share progress
  • The ability to use auto recordings
  • Multiple names/students can be tracked
What I would like:
  • It would be great if users could update the library by adding their own words and images of multiple meaning words

Multiple Meanings Library is compatible with the iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later.

I like my students to keep track of targeted words on their own in addition to using apps like Multiple Meanings Library.  I found that a graphic organizer works best. I've been using one that I found over at Minds in Bloom (below). It's great that there is place to illustrate both word meanings!

I also like to utilize jokes to reinforce the importance of multiple meaning words and to repeatedly practice it's use. I've frequently been using this freebie that I found on Teachers Pay Teachers (below).

Disclosure Statement: I was provided a copy of the Multiple Meanings Library iPad App by the developer. No other compensation was provided. This review includes solely my opinions.

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